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The Good Guide On How To Go Plastic Free In The Bathroom

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The good guide on switching to a plastic free bathroom Over the past several decades of using plastic, the waste we have created has accumulated in landfills and the ocean. Plastic pollution is a serious environmental threat that we shouldn’t treat lightly – because plastic never really goes away, only falling apart into smaller and […]

7 Amazing Benefits Of Switching To Natural Shampoo And Conditioner Bars

benefits of natura shampoo and conditioner bars

More shops than ever are now selling shampoo and conditioner bars and for good reason. If you’re looking for the many health benefits these can have on your hair and scalp, then you have stumbled across the right post. First, a little background on what the ‘normal’ used to be. We would walk down the […]

A Guide to Sustainable Homeware

You’ve made the switch to zero waste products and realised how beneficial they are to you and the environment. You can take it further with sustainable homeware, which can help transform your home and make it plastic-free or at least reduce the presence of products that could potentially damage the environment and your health. Unlike […]

12 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts To Make 2021 More Eco Friendly

Valentine’s day is just around the corner so hands up who is looking for sustainable valentines day gifts this year? Its that time of year for the memorable holiday often celebrated by the gifting of red rose bouquets wrapped in film and chocolates in nasty plastic wrapping. However, these gifting habits can have quite a […]

Ultimate Eco-Friendly Christmas – Sustainable Christmas Ideas To Reduce Your Footprint

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There’s no time of the year quite like Christmas – so let’s make this year’s the most eco-friendly Christmas yet. With a few simple, sustainable Christmas ideas, you can significantly decrease your footprint and enjoy the holidays without the toll your celebrations could otherwise have on the environment. Here are 10 of our absolute favourite […]

How To Consciously Declutter Your Clothes And Wardrobe In 5 Simple Steps

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Wanting to know how to declutter your clothes and wardrobes consciously but struggling to find the best way to do it? We’ve got you covered with a quick and easy guide to make the whole process seamless, ethical, and as sustainable as possible. We were feeling pretty inspired by #secondhandseptember, so I wanted to get […]

Everything You Need To Know About Palm Oil

what is palm oi and why it palm oil bad for the environment

What is palm oil, why is palm oil bad for the environment, and is there sustainable palm oil? If you’re a person that looks towards the future by focusing on being sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly, it’s important to take a close look at the every-day products we all know and love. It has been […]