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Vegan toothpaste tablets that are gentle on your gums, mouth and planet

Our range of sustainably packaged vegan toothpaste tablets are made in the UK and come in 100% zero waste packaging. Available in glass jars or compostable and recyclable materials. You can even reuse the original packaging and 'top up' with refill packs.

We know customers like to shop for both fluoride and fluoride-free options so we have both available to suit everyone. Dentists still recommend using a small amount of fluoride for a healthy mouth and gums, and our wonderful range of vegan toothpaste tablets come with the choice of both.

Simple pop a tablet in your mouth, chew, and brush. It's really easy and super convenient for travel since your toothpaste is no longer in liquid form.

The small, liquid-free formula also make your vegan toothpaste tablets a breeze to take away on holiday with you. You can even throw them in with your hand luggage since they are solid and contain no water. Pack however many you need for the duration of your trip and you're set and good to go!