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Natural, Vegan Soap Bars & Scrubs

Natural, handmade soap bars made with vegan ingredients for super soft skin

Our range of natural, vegan soap bars and scrubs are made in the UK from natural ingredients without the nasties. Vegan soap bars and handmade soap without the parabens, SLS, or any artificial, synthetic fragrances.

Our huge range of scents and sizes means you will find something for everyone here. Their vegan-friendly formulas are all free from palm oil for the perfect, guilt-free bath and shower time.

Unlike conventional soap bars from the supermarket, our soaps and their natural ingredients mean they will never dry your sin out. Instead, they moisturise and hydrate your skin without the use of any harsh chemicals.

Our whole range of handmade soap bars come without any plastic and are instead wrapped in compostable and biodegradable paper or card. Don't want any packaging? Shop our 'naked', packaging-free options where available for the perfect zero waste choice.

And mix it up with our range of natural body exfoliating scrubs for perfectly soft, glowing skin after every wash.