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Are Candles Vegan? Eco Friendly Candles Explained

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Not All Candles Are Created Equal Maybe you were lighting a tealight candle to heat scented oil or putting some birthday candles on your cake, but then it hit you: “Are candles vegan?” “How do I know if my candles are vegan?” “What about eco-friendly candles? Are they suitable for vegans too?”   Not eating […]

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Eco Warriors

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November 2021 is going to be absolutely huge this year. Two weeks after the end of COP26, which is arguably the event of all events for eco conscious folk, is the barmy behemoth of Black Friday, which is arguably the event of all events for the commercial world. This got me thinking then about some […]

25 Eco Friendly Products That Will Transform Your Life in 2022

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We’ve been around long enough to see a lot of eco friendly products break through and disappear again before we even know it. And then there are those selected few products which just work. Be that a natural deodorant, a reusable coffee cup or lunchbox, or just a plastic free cleaning product: sometimes we just […]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Reusable Nappies

how to use reusable nappies

If you were anything like me when your first baby was on its way, you had A LOT of questions, right? So today, we’re going to be clearing up just a few I had before made the switch to reusable, eco-friendly nappies “How to use reusable nappies?” “How do reusable nappies work?” “how to wash […]

7 Reasons to Switch to Natural, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Today

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Why switch to eco cleaning products today? From health to environmental issues, here are the top 7 convincing reasons that outline the benefits, as well as the best eco cleaning products that are great natural alternatives!   Warning! Toxic! Flammable! Keep the children away! These are safety labels often written on the packaging of conventional […]

8 Best Eco Friendly Gifts For Your Zero Waste Friends and Family

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If your friends and family are anything like ours, there’s a certain expectation these days that when we’re gifting something it’s just not just for the purpose of ‘giving’. The most-loved gifts have to be meaningful, with an ethical and eco-conscious aspect to them. So let’s explore just that – the best eco friendly gifts […]

The Ultimate Plastic Free Periods Guide To Green Up Your Monthly Cycle

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Nowadays, most of us rely on big-brand single-use period products (mainly tampons and pads) for the majority of our life. Not only does this drain our wallet, with the average woman spending £5,000 on period products throughout her lifetime, but it’s also contributing massive amounts of waste to landfill. Its time to say hello to […]

The Ultimate Sustainable Travel Toiletries Guide For 2021

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The ultimate sustainable travel toiletries guide for eco friendly travel Heading out on vacation this summer? You may be wondering what the best way to go about packing sustainable travel toiletries is. Worry not, we’ve got the ultimate sustainable travel toiletries guide ready in time for summer to help give you some ideas and inspiration. […]

7 Wildlife Garden Ideas For The Ultimate Sustainable Garden

wildlife garden ideas for a sustainable garden

Whether you only have a tiny patio in the back of your house or a large property in the countryside, you can transform your space into a sustainable garden with some innovative wildlife garden ideas where local wildlife can thrive. Many of us have started to try and living more sustainably, but few of us […]

Top 5 Eco Carpet Cleaning Tips To Protect Your Carpets

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Traditional cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals, posing a risk to both humans and the environment. If you’re searching for ways to clean your carpets without using these potentially dangerous substances, you would be better off opting for eco carpet cleaning products. Not only are these environmentally friendly but they’re less toxic to pets and your […]