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The Ultimate Plastic Free Periods Guide To Green Up Your Monthly Cycle

plastic free periods using menstrual cups

Nowadays, most of us rely on big-brand single-use period products (mainly tampons and pads) for the majority of our life. Not only does this drain our wallet, with the average woman spending £5,000 on period products throughout her lifetime, but it’s also contributing massive amounts of waste to landfill. Its time to say hello to […]

The Ultimate Sustainable Travel Toiletries Guide For 2021

sustainable travel toiletries guide featured image

The ultimate sustainable travel toiletries guide for eco friendly travel Heading out on vacation this summer? You may be wondering what the best way to go about packing sustainable travel toiletries is. Worry not, we’ve got the ultimate sustainable travel toiletries guide ready in time for summer to help give you some ideas and inspiration. […]

7 Wildlife Garden Ideas For The Ultimate Sustainable Garden

wildlife garden ideas for a sustainable garden

Whether you only have a tiny patio in the back of your house or a large property in the countryside, you can transform your space into a sustainable garden with some innovative wildlife garden ideas where local wildlife can thrive. Many of us have started to try and living more sustainably, but few of us […]

Top 5 Eco Carpet Cleaning Tips To Protect Your Carpets

eco carpet cleaning tips

Traditional cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals, posing a risk to both humans and the environment. If you’re searching for ways to clean your carpets without using these potentially dangerous substances, you would be better off opting for eco carpet cleaning products. Not only are these environmentally friendly but they’re less toxic to pets and your […]

12 DIY Natural Cleaning Products You Need In Your Life Today

diy natural cleaning products on a table spread

DIY Natural Cleaning Products Recipe Guide Did you ever wonder what exactly are in the cleaning products you’re using around your home? Unfortunately, more often than not, commercial cleaning products are full of nasty chemicals which could be harmful to both your own health and the health of the planet, such as formaldehyde, 2-Butoxyethanol, ammonia, […]

Why Everyone Should Be Using A Bamboo Toothbrush

best manual toothbrush comparison

A toothbrush may seem to be something too small to make a difference in the global plastic crisis. However, over time, adding up the impact of every person on Earth, plastic toothbrushes create a lot of pollution. Thankfully, there is a simple and affordable solution – switching to the best manual toothbrush when considering the […]

The Value of Alternative, Ethical Search Engines

ethical search engine blog post image

So what is the value of ethical search engines? And why should we consider switching away from the big names? This guest post from Search Scene helps us answer those exact questions… Most of us use a search engine on a daily basis, whether we are trying to find the name of a song we’ve […]

5 Stand Out Benefits Of All Natural Soap Bars

benefits of all natural soap bars blog post image

Today we’re answering the question ‘what are the benefits of all natural soap bars’ since its something we get asked a lot here at Friendly Turtle. If you’ve been on the internet in recent years, you must have noticed the rise in popularity of good old natural soap bars. From the most basic zero waste […]

The Ulitmate Guide On How To Go Plastic Free In The Bathroom

how to go plastic free in the bathroom blog post image

The ultimate guide on switching to a plastic free bathroom Over the past several decades of using plastic, the waste we have created has accumulated in landfills and the ocean. Plastic pollution is a serious environmental threat that we shouldn’t treat lightly – because plastic never really goes away, only falling apart into smaller and […]

7 Amazing Benefits Of Switching To Natural Shampoo And Conditioner Bars

benefits of natura shampoo and conditioner bars

More shops than ever are now selling shampoo and conditioner bars and for good reason. If you’re looking for the many health benefits these can have on your hair and scalp, then you have stumbled across the right post. First, a little background on what the ‘normal’ used to be. We would walk down the […]