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We love our range of natural and organic sun care simply because it doesn’t contain all of those nasty chemicals you can never pronounce on the back of the well-known branded bottles. If you’re like us, we really dislike putting harsh and unnecessary chemicals over our skin and bodies, and we figured the same applies when we’re on holiday applying your natural and organic sun care products.

This is why we wanted to introduce a range of organic and natural sun cream products which we know and trust will do exactly what they promise – complete protection from UVA & UVB, whilst nourishing and moisturising our skin with organic and natural ingredients.

Unlike the branded sun creams you usually pick up from the supermarkets contain so many chemicals, our natural lotions are 100% reef safe. This means none of the ingredients in your sun cream will cause any harm to aquatic life and our beautiful coral reefs. If you love Blue Planet as much as we do, you’ll understand just how important this is for the health of our oceans.

Now you can get your great looking tan with all the protection you need, without the chemicals causing havoc on your skin. Pick up a selection of organic sun care products next time you go away, for full protection the whole family can enjoy without the harsh chemicals.

And don’t forget your organic after sun to end your day in the sun!


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