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Soap On A Rope

UK made soap on a rope to eliminate plastic from your bath & shower

Looking for a convenient and palstic free alternative to shower gels? Our soap on a rope is perfect for hanging in the shower for your morning or evening wash.

Soap on a rope is just the same as our other natural, vegan soap bars, in that work hard to keep your skin moisturised and refreshed without the drying out and waxy feeling we’ve all experienced from commercial soap bars.

Soap on a rope and solid soap bars not only help you reduce the amount of plastic around your home, but you are also opting for natural ingredients without any of the harsh chemicals often found in gels and commercial soap bars.

Soap on a rope comes completely free for any nasties - no SLS, parabens or any other harsh chemicals. They are also vegan friendly and free from palm oil - another solid reason to consider making the switch.

Unlike supermarket-bought soap bars, these do not dry out your skin. Instead, they leave your skin feeling super hydrated and moisturised thanks to the all-natural ingredients. They even create a wonderful, creamy lather for the perfect indulgent shower time!