Plastic Free Safety Razor – Stainless Steel


A great looking and sustainable plastic free razor from Mutiny Shaving. Renowned for its exceptionally close shave every time. This time, just the stripped back set with only the razor, without the extra shaving soap and brush found in our other shaving sets. Perfect for those looking for a plastic free razor which is priced economical, and offers amazing benefits to our environment with the replacement of just the stainless steel blades. No more plastic razors to landfill!

This set comes with 5 free safety razor blades.

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The Safety Razor

Made entirely from stainless steel, this plastic free razor offers one of the best close shaves you can hope for. With this exceptionally close shave, you also reduce the chance of ingrowing hairs or razor burn that you may sometimes experience while shaving with other razors.

Change the replaceable blade whenever it gets a little dull (usually 3-5 shaves), so there’s no need to replace the whole razor each time the blade gets blunt. The blades are fully recyclable and can be disposed of with your usual recycling. You can collect your used blades in a used blade tin and recycled them however often is necessary. And since the blades are so much cheaper than a new razor, not only are you helping to look after the environment, but you get to look after your bank balance too.

*Razor comes with 5 free blades

Brand Story

Mutiny Shaving was formed as a rebellion against the shaving industry. We have the goliaths charging extortionate prices for over-designed razors which we do not need. All of which are made from plastic, are non-recyclable, and will inevitably end up in landfill with the billions of other razors and cartridges we dispose of every year.

With a safety razor, we only have to switch out the stainless steel blades every 3-5 shaves, not the whole razor. Mutiny want us all to take a stand- a stand against plastic razors, and make the switch to an artisan shaving brand.

They are also concerned about the harmful chemicals found in most off-the-shelf shaving foams. They wanted a stripped back and natural alternative for our shaving routines. This means we get to avoid the methyl propane, Propolene glycol (also used in antifreeze and brake fluid), Triethanolamine, and Sodium Laurel Sulphate (just to name a few of the common ones). Instead, Mutiny uses limonene from orange peel, aloe vera and lemongrass. back to basics, without drying and damaging the skin.

A completely vegan company, they also never use plastic and only use recyclable and sustainable materials for their products and packaging. Supporting various environmental organisations from their profits too is also a big tick from us.

And finally, they “believe that the Mutiny Shaving experience provides an outstanding shave which is better for your skin, better for your wallet and most importantly, better for the planet”. Can’t argue with that!

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