Ocean Saver Refill Bundle


Pick up your plant-based cleaning drops in a 5 pack and save. Mix & match your bundle so you only get exactly what you want!

Antibacterial Ocean Saver Cleaning Drop - Ocean Mist

Keeping your surfaces clean and sanitised has never been easier wit this award-winning antibacterial cleaning drop, proven to destroy 99.9% of bacteria from all surfaces

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Ocean Saver Glass Cleaner - Sea Spray

No more streaks and smears on your glass with our plastic-free glass cleaner refill drop. Drop into an existing bottle filled with water and you're ready to go!

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Ocean Saver Bathroom Cleaner With Descaler - Pomegranate Tide

Cut through soap scum and tough limescale with our eco friendly bathroom cleaner and descaler refill drop, leaving the fresh scent of pomegranate to fill your room

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Ocean Saver Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser - Citrus Kelp

Plant-based kitchen cleaner and degreaser, concentrated into one single refill drop that you can use with any existing cleaning spray. Never buy a plastic spray bottle again!

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Ocean Saver Floor Cleaner - Rhubarb Coral

Removes spills ad stains from any floor, leaving them gleaming, with no stickiness and streaks thanks to the power of plant-based ingredients

In stock

Ocean Saver Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Apple Breeze

A multi-purpose cleaner powered by plant-based ingredients. Simply drop one of these refills into a cleaning spray bottle of water for plastic-free cleaning around your home

In stock

Ocean Saver Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Lavender Wave

A multi-purpose cleaner powered by plant-based ingredients - your new go-to multi-purpose eco cleaning spray with the calming scent of lavender

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