Plastic Free Cleaning Refill Sachets (5 Pack) – Mix & Match


When we think about cleaning our home, we realised there are two important factors; cleanliness and hygiene. With our 5 pack mix & match plastic free cleaning products, you’re able to achieve both, and at a price that is very fair on your pocket. Clean your floors, kitchen and bathroom with ease and achieve a sparkling clean finish every time. And by reusing our existing trigger spray bottles, we can eliminate the need for any more single-use bottles.


Antibacterial Kitchen Surface Cleaner - Single Refill Sachet

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Kitchen Surface Cleaner (Mango) - Single Refill Sachet

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Glass & Mirror Cleaner (Apple & Mint) - Single Refill Sachet

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Oven Cleaner (Odourless) - Single Refill Sachet

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Floor Cleaner (Sandalwood) - Single Refill Sachet

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Antibacterial Multisurface Cleaner (Bathroom) - Single Refill Sachet

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Multisurface Cleaner (Bathroom) - Single Refill Sachet

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Plastic Free Cleaning Products (refills) 5pk – Mix & Match

  • These plastic-free refill sachets made from Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA)
  • Approved for use in pharmaceuticals, so you can be sure it’s a safe alternative to plastics
  • Reuse existing spray bottles or containers for your new plastic free cleaning products
  • Sticky labels provided to use on your spray bottles for easy identification
  • No trigger spray bottle? No problem – buy a glass spray bottle here

Never have to buy from supermarkets again with our exciting range of plastic free cleaning products!



1. Rinse your existing empty bottle with water

2. Insert the sachet into your bottle

3. Top up to 500ml (250ml for oven and floor cleaner) with lukewarm water

4. Replace and tighten the trigger/lid

5. Shake until dissolved and it’s ready to use

Product may not suitable for use on some paints and plastics, prior testing on a small inconspicuous section is recommended to confirm suitability

Brand Story

Iron & Velvet have been producing high-quality luxury cleaning products since 2014. Times change fast though and they quickly realised that there was also a war on plastic pollution. With this understanding, that started on a new path to bring the same quality and luxury to a 100% plastic-free range.

Development started at the end of 2017. They now have an innovative range of water-soluble refill sachets which can be used with any existing trigger spray bottle you have laying around the home, completely eliminating single-use bottles and trigger sprays.

Keeping things natural, up to 70% of their products are derived from nature. Everything is sustainably sourced including the pure essential oils used for fragrances wherever possible. Plus, this all takes place in the heart of the West Midlands, where everything is manufactured under one roof by a team of highly skilled staff. This way, they are able to keep their carbon footprint to an absolute minimum!

Free Returns

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