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Developed in Canada, Tru Earth came into existence through an uneasy awareness of single-use plastic used for just about everything. Ryan, one of the founders, got so sick of watching videos on youtube with his kids because it seemed like they were almost advertising the use of single-use plastics.

After patenting their 'laundry strips', they became an instant success almost overnight! With a laundry product which really worked and was both gentle on your skin as well the environment, you can understand why they became so popular.

Today, they operate their business from 3 core values;

Simplicity: they believe little hinges swing big doors and small actions add up to big changes. They're not perfect and we’re not asking anyone else to be.

Empowered: they believe we all have the power to choose. They create products that empower people to choose sustainability, without compromising convenience.

Integrity: As their company grows they will keep the close sense of family that they started with. They will never compromise their values or cut corners to keep costs. They will not shortchange the environment to make a profit, and they will be transparent about production and ingredients.

Not a bad set of values :)