Tonys Chocolonely

Tonys Chocolonely is more than just chocolate: it’s also a statement, by taking a stand against modern-day slavery in some of the worst-hit countries of our age.

More than 1.5 million children work under illegal conditions every day in Ghana & The Ivory Coast, and so these guys have specifically chosen these two countries to work in so that they can create a little positive change around how chocolate is grown and produced.

Tony Chocolonely are on a mission to make chocolate a 100% slave-free commodity, and they are taking incredible strides to try their very best to make this happen.

So yes, when you are buying a bar of Tonys Chocolonely, you’re not only getting one of our favourite tasting (borderline addictive) chocolate bars, but you’re also buying into a movement to create a better world in some of the hardest-hit countries around the world.

No what is not to love about that!

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