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Patch Strips

Born from a son’s bad reaction to common wound coverings and dressings, Patch founder – James Dutton – set about his mission to find a better, chemical-free, alternative to common plasters. His motivation took him on a journey of research that led him to where they are today, and with a discovery of the staggering number of the world’s population who also can’t wear wound dressings because of these chemicals used.

Patch was created as a natural alternative to plasters, one which wouldn’t cause nasty reactions and would help serve as a way to heal wounds. With the number of allergies on the rise worldwide, these natural and sustainable wound plasters have come at a time when they’re needed most and has propelled the company to where they are today.


Reduce their environmental footprint and tread as lightly as possible through the use of their certified organic bamboo- a rapidly renewable resource which grows many times faster than trees, uses much less water, produces up to 35% more oxygen and doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides.