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Moo & Yoo

Previously Moo Hair, the new, rebranded Moo & Yoo is a family-run ethical and eco-conscious company based in Scotland, creating luxury, high-quality salon products for the hair as well as body and hand care products that are sustainable, kind to the skin, the environment, and the planet.

When you purchase hair products from your hair salon, you have a certain expectation that the product will deliver exceptional results from your own bathroom. Moo Hair delivers exactly that, only with an ethical and eco twist to them. The range leaves your hair clean, soft, nourished and full of body without weighing it down. The natural ingredients nourish, protect and strengthen, leaving your hair feeling soft, shiny and smelling amazing.

All of Moo & Yoo’s products are vegan and animal cruelty-free as you would expect from an ethical brand. They also steer clear of aerosols so as to prevent any damage to our ozone layer. And of course, they package up all of their magical recipes in sustainable glass bottles.