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M&J London

M&J London was founded of a desire to create products of style and beauty while building a business that holds true to ideals of integrity and fairness to other people and the environment as a whole. Each of their soya candles are designed and developed with the aim to tread as lightly on the planet as possible and do business in an ethical manner.

Ethics play a central part in their business. M&J London wanted to feel good about what they do while ensuring customers get excellent products, service and value for money. Using recycled glass tumblers costs four times as much as standard virgin manufactured glasses. Packaging with vegetable-dyed boxes sourced from the UK — rather than mass-produced, chemically printed boxes shipped from across the world — also costs a bit more. But with the challenges we as consumers (and as residents of this planet) face today, operating without consideration for sustainability is a luxury we can no longer afford.

M&J London also donates 50p – £1 to a UK based women’s charity for each small and large candle sold- because they care enough and want to create change!