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Little Lamb

So exactly why are Little Lamb so passionate about reusable such as nappies and sanitary pads? Simply put, because they believe making everyday throwaway items reusable, we can really help reduce our global waste problem.

All Little Lamb, nappies and reusable sanitary pads are made in their family-run factory in Turkey under ethical working conditions and are then shipped via road freight to ensure that they keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. If you are a nappy fanatic you’ll notice that their packs and kits are incredibly affordable!

Their view is simple: quality nappies shouldn’t cost a fortune, and everyone should be able to access functional cloth nappies. And as for sustainability, their hero fibre bamboo is one of the most sustainable natural fibres available. It grows super-fast, doesn’t need a lot of water and doesn’t destroy the ground it grows on.