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Georganics and their range of natural dental care…we could talk all day about their fantastic brand. They are a company deeply committed to delivering on a vast list of values that they wish to carry out their business to. All of which are very much aligned with our own, which means so much to us.

Georganics have three main ‘cornerstones’ to their business: Natural, sustainable and conscientious. Through these three cornerstones, they deliver upon a large number of values, such as staying completely natural and synthetic free, zero waste and low impact, to transparency and staying vegan & cruelty-free!

Along with a range of no-nonsense, completely natural dental care products, they are also revolutionising the way we should be packaging our products- with zero-waste to landfill.

As pioneers of zero-waste, low impact living, Georganics have gained recognition within the industry as one of the most trusted, genuine brands around. And with good reason.

Georganics- we salute you.