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Fetch It

Fetch It started in 2018 when they got their first dog. Not wanting to contribute further to the plastic problem we’re facing, they started purchasing biodegradable poo bags from the supermarket.

They shortly learned these biodegradable bags actually take decades to degrade, leaving behind tiny micro-plastics – the same micro-plastics that make their way to our oceans, harming our beloved marine life.

After learning not all biodegradable bags are created equally, Fetch It was realised and they began designing their own poo bags with the sole purpose of being gentle on the environment. The result was a cornstarch poo bag that breaks down in weeks instead of decades into natural elements.

Fetch It exists because they care. When it came down to choosing between plastic or helping to save the planet, the planet wins every time. Their range was created so that you didn’t have to choose between being a responsible dog owner and helping to reduce plastic pollution, and they want us to join the revolution to be a super pooper scooper!