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Bambooth is a project from the heart, and the founders Niamh & Joe wanted to try and help carve a little difference into the world. Through the realisation that there is already enough waste in the world, they set about creating a toothbrush with a difference.

Their toothbrushes come in 4 different colours, and each one comes with a donation. And the fun bit is each colour toothbrush comes with a different charity donation, supporting the corresponding colours ecosystem.

Forest green – Linked with the Jane Goodall Institute which is a groundbreaking and globally renowned charity which helps local people take charge of the conservation and development of their own communities.

Sea blue – Linked with the ocean conservation effort Plastic Oceans UK whose mission is to stop plastic from reaching the oceans within a generation.

Coral pink – Linked with the Coral Reef Alliance who are a global conservation effort aimed at improving coral reef health and resilience.

Aquamarine – Linked with The Marine Conservation Society which is the UK’s leading marine charity, working to ensure the seas are healthy, pollution free and protected.

Which colour will you choose?