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Natural & Organic Eye Creams

Some people don’t bother with natural, organic eye creams – some people don’t use any eye cream at all. You might have already found the perfect skincare routine with your cleansers, masks and night creams, but the skin around our eyes is particulaly delicate and so this area needs something a little more special.

Eye creams are developed with this thinner skin in mind and so their formulations are prioritised to reduce sensitivity – the reason a number of eye creams come fragrance-free. What they also offer is a number of super-charged benefits for this sensitive area.

Natural eye creams can help to minimise fine lines. And as any good dermatolagist will tell you, prevention is easier than cure, so if you start using a good organic eye cream from a younger age, you will reap the rewards further down the line.

Eye creams can also act as a physical, protective barrier between our skin and external factors, such as our make-up and even pollution, which can help prevent any further damage.

Applying eye cream correctly is also often overlooked, so be sure that you’re not rubbing your cream in under and around your eyes, but instead gently pat the cream in with your ring finger until all of the moisturising goodness as been absorbed.