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Natural Hair Conditioner

After washing your hair with one of our natural shampoo bars, nourish your hair with one of our moisturising natural hair conditioner bars or liquid conditioners.

A conditioner is particularly useful if your hair is transitioning to a natural shampoo bar and is a great way to keep your hair manageable and soft, with  some bounce and texture to it.

Whether you’re looking for top-end, salon-quality conditioners in a glass bottle, or a solid conditioner bar, there is a range here to suit all. And since all of our conditioners are natural and free from any nasties, you’ll soon see the results this can have on the health of your hair and scalp.

Some of our products will come with a plastic pump – just remember to reuse this next time and make sure you purchase your next product with an aluminium cap instead. Reuse, repeat and then finally recycle.

Another really simple swap to a natural hair conditioner bar is a great way to eliminate any use of unnecessary plastic from your bath and shower time. Give it a go today – remove the unwanted plastic and restore your healthy, nourished head of hair.

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