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Natural Face Cleansers

We’re big fans of natural face cleansers from brands that produce their formulas right here in the UK. We hear some people arguing the worth of a natural face wash considering we only put them on our face for a few seconds before washing off…we couldn’t disagree more.

Cleansers are aimed to remove the daily dirt, dust, pollution, and stress we put our skin through each day. They brighten tired, dull-looking skin and adds deep down moisture. Cleansers can even remove stubborn, waterproof make-up.

All of our natural face washes come completely free from sulfates, parabens and phthalates, and instead come packed full of plant-based natural ingredients to help you achieve your skin goals.

Some produce a gentle lather whilst others wash your face clear, but both are super gentle for your skin as well as being kind on the environment too. And the results? Skin that looks just as good as it feels.

You’ll find a natural face cleanser for just about any skin type, so go forth and find your new best friend!