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Plastic Free Shower Gel & Body Wash

Plastic free shower gels are here, so if a soap bar for your shower time just isn’t your thing and you still want a natural body wash without the plastic, then we have options for you.

Our body washes are made with natural ingredients without any of the nasty chemicals, SLS, and parabens. Just natural goodness, straight from nature, just the way nature intended.

We get through millions of plastic shower gel bottles every year in the UK. Switching to a plastic free shower gel or a refillable shower gel is so easy and is not only better for you, your skin, and your health, but it’s also saving all of those unnecessary plastic bottles every single year!

Plastic Free & Refillable Shower Gel

Ready to make the switch to a refillable shower gel? Simple pick up a refill sachet or a shower gel in an aluminium bottle, an reuse your bottle and pump from your first purchase.

No more plastic. No more waste. Just a fully compostable refill sachet or recyclable bottle. Another simple yet super effective eco swap!