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Natural and Coffee Body Scubs

Natural body scrubs help to remove dead skin cells which can give your skin a renewed lease of life.

Our natural and coffee body scrubs go skin deep, gently exfoliating and working through the rougher layer of skin to buff up and bring out soft skin hiding just below.

By removing the dead skin cells, we refresh and clear out the impurities along with them. We all know how wonderful our skin feels after a beach holiday with the natural, gentle exfoliation of the sand. Now we can experience the same glow the other 300+ days of the year!

With the top layers of our skin gently exfoliated, our body is better able to absorb all of the lovely moisturisers and oils we use to achieve our desired skin results. The results can be almost instantaneous and will continue to improve as we moisturise daily.

Natural coffee body scrubs are particularly great at clearing blemishes that appear on the surface of your skin. The gentle exfoliants buff away impurities and imperfections leaving just your soft, silky smooth skin to touch.