JOCO Cup – Strawberry


JOCO Cup is likely the best looking reusable coffee cup we have ever laid eyes on, and it has come to the rescue of our daily coffee routine.

Whether you like a flat white resting in your car’s cup holder, or prefer your herbal tea to cuddle your palms as you walk through the bustling streets, JOCO Cup is the reusable, portable glass coffee cup for you. Featuring hardened glass, a colourful silicone sleeve and award-winning recycled packaging, we are certain your new JOCO Cup will be your bestest buddy throughout your journeys.

Made from strong borosilicate glass, the JOCO cup is a ridiculously stylish, sturdy and smart solution to enjoying your everyday cuppa. And with a tonal thermal silicone sleeve to keep your coffee steamy, and not your fingers, you can take in the moment and enjoy it without beating up on your taste buds or Mother Nature!

Brand:JOCO Cup