Our Mission

Through some incredible experiences traveling around the world, we learned many things. But one thing really stood out – the world that we all live in is a very fragile place. Through the interaction of humans with nature, we have seen the damage we can, and have, caused.

Through our own journey trying to reduce waste and living more sustainably, we wanted to carry this ethos through to an ethical and eco-conscious shop. We have clearly defined objectives that can serve as promises to you, our customers, for the way we conduct business and run our shop.

Offer Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Alternatives

We want to introduce more sustainable products into peoples live’s. Whether this is reusable, on-the-go products such as coffee cups or cutlery, or a product which offers a sustainably packaged alternative, such as toothpaste in glass jars.

Collectively, there are still so many opportunities for us to improve and reduce our waste. We want to be the place to help you achieve this. We want to work with brands producing design-led and functional products which will inspire people to make some changes.

We will work with brands that use packaging responsibly. By doing so, we can reduce our waste going to landfill and work towards a zero waste lifestyle.

our mission for sustainable living

Promote A Positive Movement Towards Ethical Trade

From ensuring fair pay and workers rights, to banking with an ethical bank and working with other ethical businesses, we aim to promote and encourage others to do the same. We need to satisfy ourselves that there are measures in place to ensure ethical values are met, and only we can make this decision. We like to gather all the facts and make an informed decision on who we work with, and how we operate our business. Ignorance is not an excuse.

The more businesses that support fair trade and ethical values, the larger our collective voice. Large brands and companies that do not follow an ethical aproach will have to follow suit if consumers stop accepting this. No company can sell a product for next to nothing and claim no workers have been unfairly paid through their manufacturing process. Sweatshops throughout the developing world are a prime example of this, and we simply do not, and will not support this.

Supporting Small Businesses, Sourcing Locally

We love small, local businesses. Choosing to work with and supporting these businesses, we are able to achieve 3 main things:

  1. Support new brands with exciting products, that share an ethical and eco-responsibility such as we do. It’s hard starting a business- if they have a great product with a lovely message, then we should embrace, celebrate and support this.
  2. Reduces the impact on our environment. The shorter distance goods, ingredients and materials have to travel, the better.
  3. Great for our UK economy and our homegrown small and medium businesses.

With only a handful of international brands in our shop, we’re able to continue growing our UK brands portfolio and encourage new brands to take the leap and get involved with their own inspirational ideas.

We believe in complete transparency in the way we do business. If there is anything you would like to know about what or how we do something, you can contact us here.

We’re currently at a pivotal time for our climate, oceans and environment. Awareness is growing as the situation worsens, and we can’t ignore it any longer. With so many brands and so many consumers doing so much now to help create change, we are optimistic that, together, we can really start to make a difference.