Organic Beeswax Wrap ‘The Single Wrap’ – 5 Designs


Our single, large organic beeswax wrap from BeeBee Wraps can be used to wrap just about everything and is the perfect plastic-free alternative to cling film and foils in the kitchen


Sustainable Food Wrap Made From Organic Cotton & Beeswax

  • 5 designs to choose from
  • Single beeswax wrap
  • Size 33 cm x 33 cm
  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • British beeswax
  • multifunctional – use as a wrap or pouch
  • Eco friendly alternative to clingfilm and tin foil

From spinach and salads, raspberries and blueberries, sandwiches and toasties…this versatile wrap can be moulded to suit just about all shapes and sizes.


Chevron, Sardines, Tulip, Whale Pod, Wheat

Instructions & Care

Wrap – using warm hands, shape around food and containers to create a breathable seal.

Avoid – wrap anything except raw meat and fish. Avoid heat and food that is still hot.

Wash – wash in cold, soapy water and drip dry. Store wraps rolled.

Repeat – reuse for one year then compost or use as a fire lighter.

Brand Values

Less Food Waste And Less Packaging– Reusable, plastic free and compostable.

A Fairer Deal– Clear, honest and open, working hard to treat all suppliers fairly. They also use certified organic where possible which ensures a quality product and a fair deal for everyone.

Organic Cotton– Better for you, for the environment, and for the farmers who grow it. GOTS certified to ensure the highest level in environmental and social standards.

No Nasty Chemicals– GOTS certification means toxic chemicals are never used in their production, which means me, you and planet all benefit from any potential risks.

British Beeswax– Sustainable, natural and with incredible properties. Always.

Plastic Free Packaging– Always plastic free and printed of FSC certified paper from sustainable forests.

Energy Use & Emissions– They use energy from a renewable energy supplier and use low energy L.E.D lighting throughout their operation.

Deliveries– Incoming deliveries are made by land or sea freight whenever possible, whilst keeping air freight to an absolute minimum. And if you live in Cambridge, you can even expect your delivery from Zedify to be dropped off by bike!

Free Returns

We don’t believe in charging for returns. On the rare occasion you are not entirely satisfied with your product, then we operate a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee, without any of the quibbles. You can find out more on this in our Returns & Refunds Policy