Lunch & Meal Prep

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With a lot of us preparing food almost every day in the week, there’s no doubt we should be investing in a solid and sustainable lunch box, food storage containers or an alternative like our beeswax wraps. We eat out at lunch so much nowadays, it would also be great if we were all carrying a reusable cutlery set to eliminate single-use plastic knives and forks.

Ditch the plastic containers and clingfilm, and opt for a more environmentally friendly alternative. Not only will your food be kept fresh, but you can reuse to your heart’s content. Full of functionalities to make life that much easier, our sustainable lunch box will make lunchtimes that much more enjoyable again.

The more we can avoid the use of plastics and their single-use counterparts, the less that will end up in our oceans and in our environment. Our food storage containers and reusable cutlery are built to last and can save hundreds of plastic pieces going to landfill every year. Let’s start living the change we want to see.


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