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5 Practical Ways to Boost Biodiversity in Green Spaces Near You

boost biodiversity in gardens and green spaces

Biodiversity is not only what makes the planet so beautiful and extraordinary, it’s what makes life continue to exist on the globe. Biodiversity is a broad term that refers to the great varieties of life on Earth. It encompasses genetic variation, as well as communities of species, individual species, and entire ecosystems. We rely on […]

How to Educate Your Kids to be More Eco-Conscious

how to educate kids to be eco friendly and green

No person can become eco-conscious without proper education and a set of good examples. It means that most people we see today have learned their attitudes and eco-conscious habits when they were still young. It includes keeping the neighbourhood tidy and doing one’s best to avoid working with pesticides when gardening. Ever wondered how to […]

5 Effective Ways Households & Businesses Can Cut Their Water Consumption

how to cut water consumption around the home and workplace

By implementing low-cost actions to save water in your business, you could reduce your household and organisation’s water costs by as much as 30%, according to NI Business Info. Three billion litres of perfectly good drinking water is wasted in England and Wales every day, and businesses contribute significantly to this figure. You’re probably already […]

7 Eco-Friendly Way To Save Money & Time For Students

learn how to be more eco friendly as a student

Looking for money and time-saving ways to reduce your carbon footprint and promote sustainability? Wondering how to be more eco friendly as a student? Try these tips for green living on a tight budget. A green lifestyle can get expensive but with these tips and recommendations, you can learn how to save money while still […]

7 Best Eco Friendly College Dorm Room Ideas For Sustainable Students

eco friendly college dorm room

You’re on your own now at college and you need to make better decisions in your life. How about starting that change with your lifestyle and look for more ways to become more eco-friendly and greener? Going back to school might not be fun, but re-decorating your dorm room can be. You’re on your own […]

The 3 Most Effective & Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean Your Oven

eco friendly oven cleaning at home

Your oven is probably one of the hardest-working appliances in your home. That makes it doubly important to clean it thoroughly every few months. However, commercial cleaners that are usually used for the job contain harsh chemicals that harm both the environment and your health. That’s why it’s best to opt for all-natural green cleaning […]

5 Simple Ways To Make Eco-Living The Norm

Simple Ways To Make Eco-Living Normal

Global temperatures and sea levels continue to rise, and climate change has become one of the most pressing global issues today. These effects are now felt on a more personal level, so people are also becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment while also holding corporations accountable. Surveys shows that 89% of consumers […]

4 Simple Ways To Lead A More Ethical Lifestyle

ways to live more ethically

There is no mistaking that we have contributed as a civilisation to the impending global warming crisis, which will have catastrophic effects in years to come if not brought under control. In 2015, many nations met in France to discuss the climate change issue and all of the countries in attendance signed the Paris agreement, […]

How To Make The Shift Towards Sustainable Beauty

shift to sustainable beauty routines

Beauty has a different meaning for different people. However, when it comes to the basic definition, it is all about taking care of your skin and helping it glow naturally. But, the main question is whether your actions are causing any damage to your surroundings or not? Since we live in a world where there […]