Bee Bombs – Wild Flowers For Bees


Give the gift of bees this year! Easily grow a wild flower meadow with these bee bombs, help restore the biodiversity where bees thrive, and help bring back their lost habitats!

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Bee Bombs – Wild Flowers For Bee’s

Our bee bombs are perfect for your own garden space and even better given as a gift with a real meaning!

  • Handmade seed balls with 18 native wild flower species
  • 1000s of seeds mixed with local clay and nurturing top soil
  • No garden skills required – scatter straight on to open ground at any time of year
  • One pack contains coverage for approximately 21 sq ft / 2m²
  • Comes in a jute bag with twine string
  • Plastic free, sustainable packaging
  • 97% of native, Brtish wild flower habitats have been lost since World War 2 – lets help save the bees!

What’s In Your Bee Bomb?

Your bee bomb contains 18 native wild flower species; corn chamomile, cornflour, poppy seeds, corn marigold, red campion, white campion, salad burnet, common sorrel, yellow rattle, self heal, cowslip, ribwort plantain, oxeye daisy, rough hawkbit, lady’s bedstraw, wild carrot, common knapweed, yarrow

Pack Size

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How To Use

Beebombs are designed to ensure creating a diverse and thriving wildflower meadow is as easy as possible.

Dorset Wildflower Bee Bombs need no gardening skill, no tilling or sowing in the traditional sense. Just throw your Bee Bombs onto cleared soil and await the blossom of colour and return of native bee and butterfly species.

We say ‘cleared soil’ as wildflowers are slow growers compared to grasses and perennial weeds. This means that they can be out-competed at the critical early stages.


Bee Bombs can be scattered throughout the year, the clay protects them until they are ready to germinate. There are diverse opinions on this around the world and many say spring and autumn are particularly good times to start them growing. From experience, it doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference in the long run, although I am still testing.

Around 20% will start flowering in the first year. Biennials and Perennials in the mix will start blossoming in the 2nd year.

Brand Story

BeeBombs was created in Dorset and are made with love for the bee population. As their native habitats dwindle every year, they wanted to create a product which requires no gardening skills, and still able to support our precious British species.

Seedballs are an ancient method of farming that is less destructive to the wildlife buried in your garden, less labour intensive and increase germination rates. Used throughout the world for hundreds of years, they are now using this ingenious method to help #bringthebeesback.

One simple objective, with one simple solution. Let’s all support them in their efforts to save our wonderful bee population!

Free Returns

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