Gifts For Her

Gifts For Her

Give that special someone a gift with a deeper meaning. All the gift ideas we have in store for you are carefully selected from the brands we work with. Each and every product is made ethically and with a care and consideration towards our environment.

With your gift will come a soft lovingness to our planet. Give a gift that they will not only love but also carries a strong eco and ethical message behind its journey to0.

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shaving soap included in plastic free razor setsafety razor mini set with red shaving soap
skin and tonics new toner mini rose mist 20mlmini rose mist toner by skin and tonic
skin and tonics organic lemon lip balm with modelorganic lemon lip balm skin and tonic brand
organic peppermint lip balm skin and tonic
organic rose lip balm skin and tonic
bath and shower flax massage gloveOut of stock
sisal massage glove for washing and massage
rosemary and lime shaving soapsafety razor mini set with black handmade soap
zero waste living cutlery setsustainable living reusable cutlery set
zero waste and plastic free cutleryplastic free cutlery set made from bamboo
plastic free razor set with brush and soapplastic free razor set with red shaving soap
orange and lavender handmade soapsafety razor mini set orange handmade soap
fosh active reusable sustainable water bottleinsulated stainless steel water bottle for sustainable lifestyle
skin and tonic calm balmCalm Balm by skin and tonic
skin and tonic calm clean balmcalm clean cleansing balm by skin and tonic
skincare gift set by skin and tonic