Environmental Children’s Book Series – Based On True Stories


A truly wonderful, illustrated children’s book series, with each true story addressing different environmental issues we are facing today. Gentle and engaging stories which inspire change in a positive and meaningful way, which both children and adults will love!

  • Duffy's Lucky Escape
  • Marli's Tangled Tale
  • Nelson's Dangerous Dive
  • Buddy's Rainforest Rescue

Environmental Children’s Book Series – 4 true story picture books highlighting the environmental issues we face today

Duffy’s Lucky Escape transports you to the tropical paradise where Duffy the Sea Turtle lives amongst beautiful corals and fish only for her to learn that all that floats is not food. As time is running out for Duffy she has a lucky escape when kind people step in to save the day!

Marli’s Tangled Tale takes you to the cool, green cliffs where Marli the Puffin is looking after her egg until one day the excitement of the town visits in an unexpected way. As hope starts to fade her tangled tale takes a twist just in time for the surprise waiting for her back home!

Nelson’s Dangerous Dive explores deep underwater with Nelson the Whale where he discovers a hidden shipwreck and learns that what lurks below may not let you go. As he desperately signals for help, luck is on his side as a group of brave tourists give him the break he needs!

Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue is about Buddy the Orangutan who lives happily in the tangle of tall trees when he suddenly encounters the diggers destroying his magnificent rainforest home. Brave Buddy gets more than he bargained for and needs help from his rescuers to ensure a happy ending.

  • This environmental children’s book series has 4 different picture books, each highlighting different areas of environmental concerns
  • Author – Ellie Jackson / Illustrators – Liz Oldmeadow & Laura Callwood
  • Based on true stories which children will be more connected with
  • Every book personally signed by the author, Ellie Jackson
  • Personal letters of congratulations from Sir David Attenborough and Prince Charles
  • Stocked by over 250 museums, national libraries, bookshops and gift shops, zero waste and farm shops and major tourist attractions such as The Eden Project, London & Chester Zoos, National Aquarium Plymouth
  • Reached over 800,000 children worldwide in schools
  • Translated into 15 different languages so far

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Brand Story

Ok, where to start with these guys! Author, Ellie Jackson, and illustrators, Liz Oldmeadow and Laura Callwood, have created a series of children’s books highlighting some of the environmental problems we face today.

With letters of congratulations from Sir David Attenborough and Prince Charles, these highly acclaimed books were created by Ellie as a means to help educate young children about the threats to our environment, and how we can help reduce them.

Ellie, an environmental scientist and geography teacher, conceived the storybook ideas during her time living in Australia, with true life interactions with her little family with the wildlife, and the lessons learnt. Once she moved back to Cornwall in 2017, that’s when the sketches and stories really came to life.

We’re just hoping there are many more wonderful books like these to come!

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