Natural Dental Care – Starter Bundle / Gift Set


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A great starter pack complete with some of our best-selling products from Georganics. If you’re looking for a more natural dental care routine, then this is the ideal bundle for you. And even if you already use these products, you can always just benefit from the bundle’s savings! This complete set is 100% zero waste, with all packaging materials either compostable, biodegradable or fully recyclable. A truly eco-friendly bundle.

Comes with a FREE small sized pull-string bag

Small Wash Bag

Small, drawstring wash bag

Beechwood Toothbrush - Georganics

Beechwood toothbrush by Georganics, available in firm and medium. The perfect sustainable alternative to plastic toothbrushes.

Natural Toothpaste 60ml - Georganics

Natural toothpaste in a sustainable glass jar and plastic-free. Certified organic and 100% natural

Georganics Natural Charcoal Floss With Dispenser - English Peppermint

A wonderful charcoal tooth floss made with compostable, corn-based PLA and coated with vegetable oil and organic peppermint oil for preventing gum disease

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