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Eco Friendly Period Products

ladies – let’s talk sustainable period products.

We all have them. And as one of life’s few certainties, it seems only right that we approach them as sustainably and consciously as we do all other aspects of our lives

You’ll use up to 12,000 disposable period products in a lifetime, but switching to a menstrual cup will dramatically reduce the impact your period has on the environment

Not ready for a menstrual cup yet and looking for a sustainable, organic tampon or liner which is kind to your insides as well as out? Then we also have options for you.

Did you know most tampons are made from a mix of rayon, polyester, and non-organic cotton. Rayon can dry out the protective mucous of the vagina, and chlorine is used to bleach most conventional tampons. These are likely to contain harmful, carcinogenic dioxin residue in their fibres which can then enter the vaginal canal.

naturally, our tampons do not contain any of these. They are extremely soft and pure for your body, but equally effective in performance. Conscious on people and planet, you will love our range of organic and biodegradable sustainable period products

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