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Eco Friendly Dental Care

Good natural dental care and hygiene is paramount to keeping our smile looking its best and brightest. We all know this, and we’re all pretty good at the practice. However, there are so many oral hygiene products on the commercial market that are full of synthetic chemicals.

These chemicals have been shown to be detrimental to both our health, as well as the environment. Even toothpastes that claim to be natural can still  use synthetic ingredients. Confusing…

So this is why we want to bring a selection of natural oral hygiene products that are exactly as they claim to be- 100% natural.

Not only are they completely free of synthetics such as hydrated silica, SLS or fluoride, but they are packaged in a way to reduce their impact on our planet. Most of our natural dental care products are in fact, completely waste-free. This means no waste will go to landfill with your purchase!