Simple Skin

It's all about simplicity with Simple Skin- the products they use, the ingredients they source and the footprint they leave behind. With this approach to their business, they carefully select only ingredients which occur naturally in nature, and then kindly package these natural products into plastic-free, sustainable aluminium tins.

Karolina, Founder of Simple Skin, hopes to raise awareness to the toxic chemicals which are prevalent throughout the cosmetic industry, and to help try and change the cosmetics industry for the better through the power of information.

Oh and by the way,  their signature product - the soda free deodorant - is quite possibly the best natural deodorant we have tried yet. Unbelievable. Keep up the amazing work Karolina!

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  • Cedarwood & Lemon
  • Geranium & Mandarin
  • Peppermint & Tea Tree
  • Spearmint & Grapefruit