Dry / Sensitive Skin

A range of organic skincare for dry skin. It’s tough when the skincare products you’ve tried in the past don’t help alleviate the dryness and sensitivity you feel. Because dry and sensitive skin by its very nature is hypersensitive, you need to be extra vigilant what products you choose to put on your face. If you suffer from very dry skin, try not to wash it too often, as this too removes your natural skin oils

Most off-the-shelf cosmetics these days contain harsh chemicals will will do your dry and sensitive skin no good at all. Instead of nourishing your skin, these chemicals could potentially cause free radicals which can speed up the aging process.

With our natural and organic skincare for sensitive skin, only natural and organic ingredients are ever used. No nasty stuff. No palm oil. No parabens or synthetics. Just all of the good stuff, the way nature intended.

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