Beechwood Toothbrush – Soft Bristles


A sustainably made wooden toothbrush made from FSC Beechwood, and compostable at the end of its life. Available as singles, two packs and four packs

  • Single Pack
  • Two Pack
  • Four Pack
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Wooden Toothbrush Made From FSC Beechwood – Soft Bristles

  • Fully compostable handle made from FSC Beechwood
  • BPA-free, soft bristles
  • available in pack sizes of singles, two packs and four packs
  • Packed in a compostable, plastic-free paper box
  • Every tree cut down is re-planted in the forest
  • Replace your toothbrush around every 3 months
  • Bristles made from BPA-free nylon-6 and should be cut off before composting


Beech-wood Handle*, Nylon Firm Bristles^, Paper Box*.


^Z.T.L. Recyclable.

Pack Size

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  • Brush at a 45-degree angle, in short, half tooth wide strokes from the gum line down
  • For top teeth angle up, and angle down for bottom teeth
  • Begin from the outside part of the teeth, then moving to the inside
  • Move onto chewing surfaces, hold it flat and brush back and forth
  • Store upright, in a rack or cup, where it can dry out. 
  • Replace toothbrush around every 3 months

Brand Values

Georganics operate their business to a stringent and comprehensive list of core values- all of which resonate very much with us at The friendly Turtle Company;


  1. Actually natural – Keeping to their claim that only the purest, natural ingredients are ever used in their products.
  2. Our ingredients – They only focus what they DO have in their products, and will never have to worry about fads like what the net toxic ingredient might be.
  3. No synthetics – Only natural. Never synthetic. Period.


  1. Zero waste – Stems from the belief to work WITH nature, not against it.
  2. Low impact – Eco-friendly packaging. Locally sourced ingredients and materials. A forever long commitment to reducing their impact on our planet.
  3. zero-to-landfill – Nothing will ever have to go to landfill from your purchase.


  1. Transparent – Complete transparency in every process, sourced product, and ingredient.
  2. Vegan & cruelty-free – A Passion to protect the plant and all of its inhabitants.
  3. Local – Reduce their impact by keeping things local to avoid unnecessary transportation costs.