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Bamboo Cutlery Set – 3 Benefits That No One Will Tell You

Billions of utensils get disposed of each year, and a lot of them end up in our environment. Bringing your cutlery can help make a difference in minimising the waste that ends up in our oceans, landfills, and surroundings. Getting your bamboo cutlery set from a plastic-free shop in the UK is a good start to reducing the need to use […]

Benefits Of Organic Skincare And the Endemic That Is Greenwashing

greenwashing and the benefits of organic skincare

 So What Are The Benefits Of Organic Skincare? A lot of people ask me what the benefits of organic skincare are when I tell them I only use organic products. What is the difference between natural and organic beauty products compared with most off-the-shelf brands, and what is greenwashing we keep hearing about? The derived […]


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