About Us

Ricky and amy travel the world


We’re Ricky & Amy. We started Friendly Turtle in 2018 from our bungalow in East London. Starting from humble beginnings, it’s overwhelming and so encouraging to see where it has come since then. We never imagined how many people felt so strongly towards reducing waste and living more sustainably!

We’re just two normal adults, reluctant to act our age. Both now in our early thirties, we still wonder where the time went. We met in November 2014 and we were living together 6 weeks later. We feel very lucky to have found one another, and we always keep each other on our toes.

We both love life and never miss an opportunity for fun. We spent 3 years travelling and working around the world, which we still miss to this day. Some of our most amazing memories were spent in exotic and far away lands.

Ricky loves to scuba dive, and there was a time when Amy once did: it’s never good to panic underwater and we’re sure Amy can tell you why some time! Its a magical world below the surface. We’d encourage everyone to try it even just once. It really opened our eyes to the vast eco-systems down there, and how fragile they really are.

Amy has always worked as a PA, and Ricky as a General Manager in Retail. We’re both particularly ambitious, and like to get things done properly.

Now we have a new project we can both work on, and we love it! It feels so good being able to support something we’re both so passionate about- the environment and our oceans. We love what every new day brings, and hearing the incredible feedback from you guys just adds to the pleasure.

Thank you so much for stopping by our shop. And thank you for showing you care enough about our planet by shopping more ethical and eco-conscious. You guys are amazing and we couldn’t do this without you – keep doing what you do and we can do some incredible things together!

With Love,

Ricky & Amy

A Few Videos From Our Travels

Central India Love

North India & The Himalayas

Thailand & Amys Parents